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Integrated Management System


Because we care very much for the quality of our services and we try to respect the environment, we obtained the certifications for the quality management system ISO 9001:2001 and environment management system ISO 14001:2005.


Integrated management system

We would like to share with you our policy and objectives referring to the Integrated Management System (SMI):


The SMI policy aims at objectively and completely establishing, with no ambiguities, the requirements of the clients and the full compliance with these requirements according to law, but also defining the principles and intentions of the company referring to quality and environmental performance in all the workplaces.

That is the reason why, through implementation and maintenance of an integrated management system within the company SC LUBEXPERT ROMANIA SRL, we aim at raising the level of performance and compliance with all the requirements of all the clients and parties involved, regarding the supply of quality products, according to the technical and legal specifications, in exchange for correct prices and in compliance with delivery terms agreed upon, insuring the protection of the environment.

Consequently, the management of the company is involved in promoting the following strategic objectives:

a)  insuring the confidence for the clients and certification authorities by:

  • Consolidating the confidence of clients in the quality of the products supplied through our company;
  • Reduction, elimination and, most important, prevention of deficiencies regarding the quality of the products supplied;
  • Continuous improvement of the performance of processes taking place in the company;
  • The control over a program, which would prevent the significant impact on the environment and pollution;
  • Involvement of the personnel of the company in accomplishing the objectives and raising their professional competence;

 b)  increasing the renown of the company through the quality of the products and services supplied, for insuring their distribution, under competitive conditions.

In order to insure the implementation of the Integrated Management System and any prevention of the situations which may cause non-compliance, each member of the company is involved with his entire professional capacity for the accomplishment of the objectives and

Our obligation undertaken towards all the clients is to fulfill all the clients’ requirements each time, by complying with all the legal conditions and regulations applicable in the respective field of activity and for the protection of the environment.

I fully commit for the involvement of all the material and human resources necessary for the maintenance and continuous improvement of the Integrated Management System, by informing the personnel, by establishing and communicating the policy and objectives within the company, and by performing the analysis for the checking regarding their accomplishment."


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