Mobil 1 Motorsport

Mobil 1™ is actively involved in motorsport at all levels - from grassroots racing through to NASCAR and the pinnacle of motorsport, Grand Prix Racing. They are passionate about demonstrating excellence in innovation by providing technology solutions in some of the most demanding racing environments to teams who share the same competitive spirit and desire to win as Mobil 1.
Mobil 1 engine oils have long been the lubricant of choice for race teams competing in the most demanding and popular motorsports series across the globe.
Mobil 1’s history in motorsport dates back to the early 1970s, competing in rallying; however the involvement in racing became more official in 1978 through sponsorship of the Williams Formula 1™ team and the 1987 sponsorship of Rusty Wallace’s No. 27 car in NASCAR. From that time, the presence of Mobil 1 on race tracks and circuits has grown by global proportions. Today, Mobil 1 synthetic oil is relied on for its ability to deliver exceptional engine performance and protection even under the most extreme conditions. Automotive technicians, race car drivers, team owners and the world’s leading automotive manufacturers can all testify to the advanced technology delivered by Mobil 1 lubricants.
Mobil 1 enjoys a long association with many of the world's most popular and successful race teams, including The McLaren Mercedes Formula 1 team, Stewart-Haas Racing’s NASCAR Sprint Cup Series team, and many others such as Porsche Motorsport, where Mobil 1 is embraced as an 'Official Partner' in global cooperation of all works-supported activities, all international Carrera Cups and the title partnership of the Porsche Mobil 1 Supercup – the world’s fastest one-make series. Mobil 1 is also the Official Motor Oil of NASCAR and contributes to the growth of grass roots initiatives all around the world.
Motorsport continues to form a key element of the heritage and pedigree of Mobil 1. They are pushing ahead with new technological advances to improve the range of oils and lubricants, fuelled by their own desire to contribute to outstanding performance on the track as well as on the road.
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